An Overview Of Jeep India

Jeep has launched the Wrangler and Grand Cherokee in the price range of Rs. 71,59,104 to Rs. 1,12,07,825 (Ex-showroom Delhi). Now we have to agree to the fact that this pricing is atrociously high. And here's why we think Jeep is dead on its arrival in India the Indian market-

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1. Jeep, in general, is recognised by a form of an SUV in India. The majority of people aren't aware of an American brand called Jeep.

2. The current pricing takes it into the Audi Q7, Mercedes-Benz GLS & GLE and BMW X5 territory. All these cars are well recognised and have a snob value.

3. The interior quality and features are notches below the competition. The german luxury SUV's have brilliant interior options and actually feel luxurious.

4. With just one dealership in Ahmedabad, Service network and after-sales service is questionable. Although they are going to add more dealerships by the end of 2016. But with the current pricing how many are willing to take the dealership still remains doubtful.

5. Internationally the current generation of the Grand Cherokee has gained a reputation for being a highly unreliable car due to umpteen number of issues. Although Jeep has made numerous recalls but a few mishaps have occurred. This puts a big question mark on the long-term reliability of the Grand Cherokee.

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The Grand Cherokee SRT8 might have a few buyers as it is one of the cheapest V8 petrol SUV's available in the Indian market. The V6 diesels hardly have anything going for them. Here are a few alternative combinations to the Jeep's-

1. Ford Endeavour + Mahindra Thar + BMW 320d= Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

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       Ford Endeavour (Rs. 34 Lakh) + Mahindra Thar (Rs.10 Lakh) + BMW 320d (Rs. 38L) = Jeep Wrangler Unlimited (Rs.84 Lakh) (Approximate On-road prices have been considered)

The newly launched Ford Endeavour has loads of features on offer. The 5-cylinder engine is powerful and the terrain-management system makes it even more capable off-road. The 320d is a fun-to-drive sedan which is powerful, engaging to drive and fuel-efficient at the same time. The ZF-8 automatic transmission is simply brilliant. All put together the 320d is a very capable sedan. The Mahindra Thar is a favourite among off-roaders and it evolved really well. Not only is it comfortable now but it is capable on-road too. Off-road capabilities have been proven over the time. So a comfortable family tourer with decent off-road capabilities, a serious off-roader and a fun-to-drive Rear-wheel drive sedan can be bought at the price of a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited.

2. BMW X3 30d + Toyota Innova Crysta = Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited

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                                 BMW X5 (Rs. 85 Lakh) + Toyota Innova Crysta (Rs. 25 Lakh) = Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited (Rs.1.10Cr)                                               (Approximate On-road prices have been considered)

With the ongoing discounts on the X5, one can easily buy a BMW X5 30d and an Innova Crysta at the price of a Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited. The Innova Crysta will keep you in comfort during all your highway drives and being a Toyota, reliability is unquestionable. On the other hand, you can have a fun-to-drive SUV i.e. the X5 with an inline-6 cylinder turbo-diesel engine. The X5 will keep you happy when you decide to drive. In fact, it is more powerful, luxurious and fun to drive when compared to the Grand Cherokee.

3. Ford Mustang + Ford Endeavour= Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit

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Ford Mustang V8 (Rs. 85 Lakh) + Ford Endeavour (Rs. 34 Lakh) = Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit (Rs. 1.20 Cr)                              (Approximate On-road prices have been considered)

Ford Mustang V8 was recently launched in India. The overall package is impressive and the Mustang has a cult following in India. The Ford Endeavour as stated above is a capable family tourer with four-wheel drive. So you can buy a legendary American V8 sports car and a capable tourer at the price of a Grand Cherokee Summit.

The alternatives to the Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel-

1. Mercedes-Benz GLS

2. BMW X5

3. Audi Q7

4. Used Toyota Landcruiser

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It wouldn't be fair to compare the Ford Endeavour to the Jeep Grand Cherokee but the Endeavour is an 85% Grand Cherokee at a 35% price. Overall Jeep has messed up big time in India with the pricing of their products.