6 Cars We Wished Were Launched In India

The Indian Automobile industry is slowly growing. Many manufacturers have launched a variety of products in our market. Some of them turned out to be successful whereas some of them were market duds. But there are a lot of products sold abroad which have a lot of potential to be successful in our market-

1. Ford Mondeo

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The Mondeo was sold in India between 2001-2006. The Mondeo was a market failure but today Ford has come a long way ahead in India. Also, the D2 segment has no new products from a long time. The current generation Mondeo looks smashing, has brilliant petrol and diesel engines, offers amazing features and has decent interior space. All these things clubbed together make it a brilliant package. If launched in India just under Rs. 30L, The Mondeo sure will be successful. 

2. Fiat Panda 4x4

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In the recent times when our market is going crazy about pseudo-SUV's & crossovers. The Fiat Panda makes a case for itself as it has a functional four-wheel drive system unlike most of the similar products in India which are sold with a front-wheel drive layout. The tall-boy stance gives it easy in/egress and offers adequate headroom. Overall the Fiat Panda if launched and priced well in India then it will be a perfect small family crossover with four-wheel drive.

3. Fiat Tipo

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The Fiat Tipo is a handsome looking car. Fiat India should replace the Linea with the Tipo as the Linea is too long in the tooth now. If launched with the 1.3L and 1.6L diesel engines & 1.4L petrol engine then the Tipo sure can make a difference to the C2 segment. 

4. Nissan Tiida

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Nissan India has a presence in most of the segments below 15-lakh Rupees but none of their products are successful because either they are ugly(Sunny), expensive (Terrano) or under-equipped (Micra). Nissan India should bring in their premium hatchback Tiida to India as it is spacious, looks great and has decent engines on offer. If priced well, The Tiida sure can gain success in the Indian market.

5. Toyota RAV4

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With Nissan & Hyundai planning to launch the X-trail and Tucson respectively. Toyota should seriously consider getting the RAV4 to India. Now that the full-size SUV's have moved to the 30Lakh price bracket, Compact SUV's make a serious case. A striking exterior design, feature rich interiors, brilliant petrol & diesel engines, Toyota's reliability and excellent after-sales service should make the RAV4 a great success in India if priced well.

6. Volkswagen Golf

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The success of the Hyundai i20 just went on to show how premium, spacious & feature rich hatchbacks have a great market in India. The Golf has one big advantage over the Polo that is the space it offers. If priced under 12-Lakh, The Golf will sure be a great success in our market. The only direct competition it will have will be the Abarth Punto which anyway is a market dud.