Off-Beat Used Car Purchases Under Rs.5-Lakh

Off-Beat purchases in most cases happen to fulfil dreams or to get the best for your buck. Here is a list of such cars you can buy Under Rs. 5-Lakh-

1. Honda Accord (2008-2010 models)

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  • Big on space. Be it the interior or the boot space.
  • Interiors feel rich.
  • The V6 has brutal power. Also, have an option of choosing the 2.4L engine with a manual transmission. The 2.4 AT is widely popular.
  • Being a Honda, it;s very reliable. Service costs are relatively cheap.
  • All the engines are fuel guzzlers no wonder its a popular choice among the CNG users. You get an economical & reliable luxury sedan after converting it to CNG.

2. Toyota Camry (2006-2010 models)

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  • Reliable, easy to maintain and a sofa like back seat. One of the best cars to get chauffeured in.
  • Torquey and powerful 2.4L petrol engine. Surprisingly fuel efficient for its size. Available in both MT & AT options.
  • Well tuned suspension. Offers decent comfort and balanced handling characteristics.
  • Being a Toyota, Reliability is unquestionable. Service network is widespread and parts can be sourced easily.
  • Finding a decent Camry is difficult. Many cars were used and abused by 5-star Hotels.

3. Mercedes-Benz E-Class (W211)

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  • It's a Mercedes-Benz E-Class, One of the most respected luxury sedans in India. 
  • Timeless design. Looks classy.
  • Mercedes-Benz and Diesel are a perfect combo. E220 CDI for the fuel efficiency and the E270 & E280 CDI for the power.
  • A well-built car. Gives a perfect sense of security.
  • The petrol engines were either fuel guzzlers (E280) or underpowered (E200K).
  • Parts quality wasn't as good as it is generally with Mercedes-Benz products.
  • Spare parts can be sourced easily and the service network is widespread.
  • The cost of spares is high and the electronics cost a bomb to replace.

4. Volvo S80 (2006-2008)

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  • Stylish timeless design. The design never gets boring.
  • Being a true Volvo, it does well built.
  • The V8 petrol is powerful and is pure music to your ears. AWD (all-wheel-drive) layout is an icing on the cake.
  • Perfect balance between handling and ride comfort.
  • Inexistent dealer network.
  • Finding spares is going to be very difficult.
  • Finding a clean S80 V8 is very difficult

5. Chevrolet Captiva (2008-2009)

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  • A Big SUV which can seat 5 adults and 2kids. Exterior design is balanced. Neither quirky nor beastly for an SUV.
  • Powerful Diesel engine mated to both MT and AT layout offered in both Front-wheel drive and All-wheel drive layout.
  • Spacious interiors and a big boot with the third folded down.
  • Acceptable handling characteristics and ride quality.
  • A high cost of ownership as parts are expensive.
  • Not very reliable in the long run.