Our Views On Lexus India

Whenever we hear about the brand Lexus in India we are reminded of this car- The Lexus LX470.

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SUV's And Large Wheels

Generally, When we think about an SUV, We imagine a big vehicle with macho looks &... read more

Popularity Of Perceived Compact SUV's

SUV's (Sports Utility Vehicle's) have always been held in high regard in the Indi... read more

Off-Beat Used Car Purchases Under Rs.5-Lakh

Off-Beat purchases in most cases happen to fulfil dreams or to get the best for your buck. Here is a list of such cars you can buy Under Rs. 5-Lakh-

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Safety Features Explained

We come across words like ABS, TCS, EBD.etc. in association with cars everyday. We have tried to explain all these terms wit... read more

Hyundai Tucson- An Overview

The Hyundai Tucson isn't new to the Indian market. The first generation Tucson was sold in India for a while but couldn't make an impact on the market as compact SUV's weren't p... read more

Tata Pelican- An Upcoming Hatchback

Tata Motors is planning to launch a new hatchback to bridge the gap between the Nano and the Tiago. According to rumours, This will be called the Pelic... read more

Our Take On The Hyundai Elite i20 AT

Hyundai India has launched the Elite i20 Automatic Transmission for Rs. 9,42,958 (Ex-showroom, Mumbai). It is offered with a 1.4L Petrol engine clubbed to a 4-speed automatic tr... read more

6 Cars We Wished Were Launched In India

The Indian Automobile industry is slowly growing. Many manufacturers have launched a variety of products in our market. Some of them turned out to be successful whereas some of ... read more

An Overview Of Jeep India

Jeep has launched the Wrangler and Grand Cherokee in the price range of Rs. 71,59,104 to Rs. 1,12,07,825 (Ex-showroom Delhi). Now we have to agree to the fact that this pricing ... read more