Used Motorcycle Under Rs. 50,000

Sandeep Chavan From Pune wants to buy a used motorcycle under 50,000 Rupees. Here is our response to his query-

Based on your requirements we suggest you have a look at these 3 bikes- Hero Honda Karizma R, Honda Unicorn and Yamaha Fz16.

Starting with the Karizma R-

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1. The 223cc air-cooled engine is an absolute gem. It offers superb performance and drivability. The low-end response is terrific which makes city driving easy and the spot on gear ratio's help it cruise with comfort on the highways. You can expect about 35-40kmpl from the Karizma.

2. The Ride quality is outstanding. The suspension setup is tuned for comfort. 

3. Even though the design is at least 15 years old it doesn't look very old. The semi-faired looks make it sporty.

4. The cost of spares is higher than the competition and availability is an issue most of the times. 

5. The quality of plastics is strictly average and they tend to break after some time.

Overall the Karizma is a fast and comfortable motorcycle. You can easily find some good examples in your budget.

Coming to the Unicorn-

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1. The 150cc engine offers terrific fuel economy. Power is adequate. You can easily extract 50-55kmpl from the Unicorn.

2. The mono shock suspension gives it a comfortable ride quality and predictable handling.

3. Being a Honda, Reliability and spares parts availability is never going to be a problem.

The Honda Unicorn is a no-nonsense motorcycle and perfectly does what it is supposed to.

Lastly the Fz16-

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1. The 153cc engine offers brilliant low-end performance. Thanks to the short gearing it is fun to ride in the city.

2. The Fatter tyres (100 section up front and 140 at the rear) takes a toll on the fuel economy. You can expect about 40-45kmpl. 

3. The handling characteristics and braking are the best in its class. 

4. Cost of spares is reasonable and it is pretty cheap to maintain

5. Being a Yamaha it is fairly reliable and there is no issue with the availability of the spares parts too.

The Fz16 is perfect for city runabouts. It's very comfortable and can cruise easily at the highways.

If you are going to ride a mix of city and highway then I suggest you have a look at the FZ16. It fares well at both the places. If you ride a lot in the city then the Unicorn will be better. If a majority of your riding is on the highways then the Karizma is your best bet.