Used Motorcycle Under Rs. 1 Lakh

Dikshant from Jaipur wants to buy a used motorcycle under 1 Lakh Rupees. Here is our response to his query-

Based on your requirements we suggest you have a look at the KTM Duke 200. The Duke 200 has an appealing exterior design which makes it a proper naked motorcycle. The riding position is slightly aggressive but not as aggressive as a sports bike which actually makes it a bit comfortable. The seat is a bit hard which will make you take frequent brakes during long distance touring. It isn't a problem within the city or for short highway rides. The pillion seat isn't very comfortable as the seat is hard and it is too small.

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The 200cc single-cylinder engine offers terrific performance. Thanks to the shorter gear ratios the bike feels even faster and can reach 100kmph in no time. Also because of the shorter gear ratios riding around the city is very easy as you don't have to downshift frequently, there is ample torque available. On the flip side, the D200 runs out of breath after 130kmph as the gear ratios are short. Braking is phenomenal and the fat 150 section tyres at the rear offer brilliant grip. Thanks to the light chassis, The Duke200 feels agile and is fun to ride around corners. On the performance, braking and handling front the Duke200 is simply the best in its segment. 

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Unlike its elder sibling the Duke 390, The Duke 200 is very reliable and had no major issues reported. Pricing of spare parts is decent and the Bajaj service network makes sure that parts availability isn't a problem. Overall the Duke 200 is the best bang for your buck.