New Automatic Hatchback Under Rs. 5Lakh

Ajay from Pune wants to buy a new automatic hatchback under 5-Lakh Rupees. Here is our response to his query-

Based on your requirements we suggest you to have a look at the Maruti Suzuki Celerio LXi (O) AMT. Why the Celerio?

1. Celerio's design looks proportionate and is balanced. Neither too attractive nor dull.

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2. Celerio is one of the most spacious cars in its segment and can seat 5 adults in comfort. Headroom and legroom are in abundance for both front and rear passenger. At 235L, the boot is one of the biggest in its segment. The quality of interiors is just about average. Although it has a lot of storage space and overall is very practical.

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3. The 1.0L, 3-cylinder engine is tried and tested. It makes decent power and offers terrific fuel economy. Although the low-end torque is a bit poor but the AMT(automated manual transmission) makes up for it. It is very convenient to drive it around the city and using the creep function during traffic makes it even easier. With the creep function, you can easily drive the car in slow moving traffic or during a start on slopes without giving any throttle input. Overall the k10 engine+AMT gearbox is a very practical option considering the efficiency and convenience it offers.

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4. The suspension setup on the Celerio is tuned for comfort. The 13-inch wheels improve the ride quality of the car. Overall theCelerio will keep all the passengers comfortable during the in-city runs.

5. Please get the optional variant (O) which offers dual airbags up front and Anti-Lock Braking system which enhances safety.

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7. Being a Maruti Suzuki Product, there would be no issues regarding the service network or service costs. The Celerio over the time has proven its long-term reliability.

The Celerio LXi (O) AMT is a value for money spacious, convenient, and a practical family hatchback. If you can stretch your budget then you should seriously consider the Celerio ZXi AMT (O) variant.