New Vehicle Under Rs. 10-Lakh

Madhu Sudan from Chennai wants to buy a new car under Rs. 10-Lakh. Looking at his requirement and budget, We suggest him to check out the Ford Figo Aspire Diesel. Why the Figo Aspire?

1. The 1.5L TDCi Engine is a gem of an engine. It offers a perfect balance between performance and fuel efficiency. The 100PS diesel engine is not only powerful but is very responsive as the turbo kicks in around the 1500-1600RPM mark. This not only benefits the driveability but also enhances the fuel economy. Most importantly it reduces frequent gear changes. The 5-speed gearbox on offer has a decent throw and defined gates which make it a delight to use. 

2. The Ford Figo Aspire is one of the most spacious sub-4m sedans on offer today. There is enough headroom and legroom for the rear passengers. 3-medium sized adults can comfortably sit at the rear. The interior quality is just about decent but the car surely keeps the passengers in comfort. A 359L boot can swallow all your luggage during the long trips.

3. The Suspension offers a decent balance between comfort and handling. The Ford Aspire feels predictable in the handling department and never makes the drive nervous. The suspension setup at the same time keeps the passengers in comfort. The Aspire S should feel even more comfortable at highway speeds because of the stiffened suspension and larger wheels(15-inch). 

4. 6-airbags, ABS and EBD are standard on the Titanium variants which make it a very safe car. 

5. Over the time Ford has improved it's after sales service. Most importantly the cost of spares is as low as an equivalent Maruti Suzuki. With an option of over the counter sale of spare parts, Ford has given its customer an option of using genuine parts with aftermarket garages.

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The Figo Aspire is a very under-rated car in our market. The newly launched S variant is even fun-to-drive. The long term reliability of this engine is proven with the Ecosport.